Ratsack Cache Bag

Ratsack Food Cache Bag

Don't Let Campsite Raiders Get Your Food



Small - 1200c.i. 18"x14" 8 oz +/- only $35.99


Medium - 1800c.i. 18"x19" 10 oz +/- only $41.99


Large - 2500c.i. 18"x24" 12 oz +/- only $47.99


We also make custom lengths





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The RATSACK Food Cache Bag is a rodent proof, protective food cache bag. This food and supply protection bag is made of 0.011 diameter wire, 304 stainless steel knitted mesh that prevents gnawing varmints and other critters from ruining your food, water, medicine, first aid supplies and other gear.




  • THE 2500ci RATSACK CACHE BAG WEIGHS +/- 12oz.
  • THE 1800ci RATSACK CACHE BAG WEIGHS +/- 10oz.

The RATSACK Cache Bag prevents rodents, raccoons, ring-tailed cats and other varmints, from mice to  marmots in size, from ruining your food, water, medicine, first aid supplies and other gear.

The largest gaps are just 5 mm in size. This affords a high   level of protection, while maintaining a light weight. The materials in the   RATSACK will not rust or breakdown with exposure to the elements.



Capacity: The   large Ratsack expands to a volume of over 2500 cu in. That's enough for 44 12   oz. cans or 24 pouches of 2.5 serving package of freeze dried food. The   1200ci Ratsack will hold 5 days worth of food for one person and only weighs   +/- 6oz.

  • The stainless steel mesh is a woven knit. The result is a   flexible material that lays flat when empty and can be rolled up into a   cylinder 18" by 2.5" when not in use.

The Medium Ratsack holds up to 44 12 oz cans 

2" Hook and Loop closure: The extra wide closure makes certain that varmits won't be getting into your stuff. It's fast and easy for you to open though. No zippers to break and no cords to tie, the hook and loop closure is   simple to operate and very reliable.

1/2" brass   grommet:The grommet is big enough for a climbing carabineer, but   smaller keychain 'bineers work too. With the grommet, it's a snap to hang the   RATSACK to keep it out of reach of those larger varmits that have an interest   in your supplies. The placement of the grommet ensures that the critter   trying to get into the RATSACK won't have the ability to force open the hook   and loop closure. The Ratsack will just rotate.


Proper hanging of the   Ratsack Cache Bag:The Ratsack Cache Bag should out of   reach of the largest campsite site raiders to provide the best protection.  The Ratsack Cache Bag should be hanging with enough space surrounding it so that it rotates freely.  At least 1 foot of line should be suspending the Ratsack Cache Bag. The Ratsack should hanging out of reach from large limbs and trunks whenever possible.

Items to be protected should be placed in a stuff sack or other container and then be placed in the Ratsack Cache Bag. This will help to keep out insects and birds.


The Ratsack is not bear proof, but neither is your vehicle. The Ratsack Cache Bag should be properly hung out of reach of bears whenever possible. Use of a dry bag or other sealed container inside of the Ratsack helps to control food odors. The more difficult time a bear has in getting to a container, the more likely he'll move on for easier pickings at the next campsite down the trail.

Nylon webbing:The sturdy nylon webbing is resistant to weathering and puncturing. There is a layer of stainless steel mesh between the webbing. This means that critters won't be spoiling your food by chewing through the webbing. The nylon webbing is very resistant to deterioration, unlike other types of webbing such as polyester.

 The Ratsack Food Cache Bag  is proudly made in Flagstaff, Arizona utilizing components only from US suppliers.  This helps to provide local jobs here in Flagstaff and across the US.


At Armored Outdoor Gear, we stand behind our product and offer the best guarantees and warranty available for stainless steel mesh bags.



Warranty:The RATSACK is QUALITY equipment. Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc. only uses the best materials. The RATSACK is fully guaranteed for materials and construction up to 1 year from the time of purchase when used as intended.


*Guarantee:The Ratsack Cache Bag is guaranteed to protect contents (up to $100.00) from being eaten by rodents and/or other small to midsized  varmints when used properly.


**100% Satisfaction  Guarantee/ No Hassle Return:If you're not happy with your Ratsack for any reason, you can return it for an exchange or a refund within the warranty period.  Be sure to contact us first with the details about the return before shipping.


Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc. is a company founded and run by outdoor enthusiasts that provides quality equipment at affordable prices. The RATSACK is fully warranted for materials and construction for a year from the time of purchase.