New! The Clear View Bag Line from Wire Mesh Designs: Transparent Stainless Steel Mesh Bags for Secure Venues

Clear View Bags

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Wire Mesh Designs

a division of Armored Outdoor Gear

The clear choice for secure, transparent bags to carry your belongings in at the next concert, big game or other secure venue.


The Clear View Line of bags are designed for use at secure venues where transparent bags to hold your belongings are required.


No longer do you have to rely on 1-use, clear 1 gallon plastic bags or buy a cheap clear plastic tote to carry your belongings in while at the concert or the big game. 


binoculars not included


The "times that we live in" have required increased security measures at large public venues such as sporting events, concerts and other public gathering places now require any bag to be transparent and meet certain maximum size requirements in some instances.

The "clear bag policy" plastic bags wear out fast, rip, tear and cut easily, causing the contents to spill out resulting in loss, damage or theft.  These single-use and limited use plastic bags are not secure to use, easy to clean or fashionable.

The easily damaged clear plastic bags are also great targets for thieves.  Your possessions such as your wallet and phone are visible and easily stolen if a thief has the opportunity. 

The Clear View Line of bags are the secure and fashionable alternative.

Made of stainless steel knitted mesh with nylon webbing and 3/4" hook and loop closure, these bags are very easy to clean and will last for years.

The stainless steel mesh is 60% empty space making the contents more visible in a Clear View bag than a clear plastic bag.  Plastic bags can be very reflective and this can obscure the contents, causing delays in the security lines.

The transparency of the Clear View Line bags allows for easy visibility of your smart phone screen without having to open your bag.  It's also very easy to find the item that you're looking for.  All this along with the knowledge that the contents are secure means that you can enjoy the event without having to be overly concerned about the belongings in your bag.

Field tested materials

The Clear View Line of bags are designed after the Ratsack Food Cache bag.  The lightweight, flexible Ratsack has over 20 years of experience protecting food and supplies while camping or in the backcountry.  Now this reliable protection is available for your belongings while at the concert, game, public gathering or traveling.

100% Satisfaction guarantee with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor
 Approved by Security at Live Nation - the Ticketmaster Network.


The Wire Mesh Designs - Clear View Logo

The "Eye or Horus" / "Eye of Ra" logo is a symbol used from ancient times for protection.  We thought that this makes a great logo for our secure venue and secure travel bags.


Wire Mesh Designs and the Clear View Line of bags are a division of Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc.

All Wire Mesh Design Products are under intellectual property protection through a pending US Patent.

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