End of Summer Sale! SMALL RATSACKS only $20.00 with Free First Class US Mail shipping ---------- We're overstocked ------- Medium and Large Ratsacks come with a Free 'Biner and 50ft of paracord and so does the Camp Flexi-can

Small Rodent-Proof Steel-Mesh Bag
Empty Small Ratsack Bag for Camping and Outdoors
Empty Small Ratsack Bag for Food and Gear

Small Ratsack Cache Bag

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We're overstocked on our Small Ratsacks
Small Ratsacks for only $20.00 for a limited time
Free First Class US Mail shipping
Get one to protect your food garbage & keep it from being spread around camp
Use it as a drag bag on your next float trip to keep your beverages cool
Get one to give a friend, so you don’t have to share yours next time
Just get one to have a spare


Hey, they’re on SALE!
We need to move these Small Ratsacks to make room for our new product lines.
There's a limited quantity and we're letting them go on a first come basis.
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The small Ratsack Cache Bag will hold 12 12 oz. cans or 6 packages of 2.5 serving freeze dried meals.

2" Hook and Loop closure: The extra wide closure makes certain that varmits won't be getting into your stuff. It's fast and easy for you to open though. No zippers to break and no cords to tie, the hook and loop closure is simple to operate and very reliable. 

1/2" brass grommet: The grommet is big enough for a climbing carabineer, but smaller keychain 'bineers work too. With the grommet, it's a snap to hang the RATSACK to keep it out of reach of those larger varmits that have an interest in your supplies. The placement of the grommet ensures that the critter trying to get into the RATSACK won't have the ability to force open the hook and loop closure. The Ratsack will just rotate.  

Weight:  8 oz  +/-

Volume:  1200 c.i. +/-

Width and Length:  18" x 14"  +/-

Contents and 'biner and paracord are not included