How do I know what size to order? 

The bags are individually made from a flexible steel mesh and the actual size will vary a bit.

In general, the interior volume of the bags can be approximated by equating the cubic centimeters to gallons. If you can fit your items in this size plastic bag, then it'll fit in in the corresponding Ratsack size. When sizing, don't forget to allow the plastic bag to close at the top. 


Small Ratsack: about 1200ci - approximately 5 gallons

Medium Ratsack: about 1800ci - approximately 7.5 gallons

Large Ratsack: about 2500ci - approximately 10.5 gallons.


In other words, if you place a plastic bag inside of a small Ratsack it will hold about 5 gallons of water. The medium would hold about 7.5 gallons and the large about 10.5 gallons.


Will the Ratsack protect food from raccoons, ring-tailed cats and other similar sized critters?

Yes, the Ratsack will protect your food and supplies from raccoons. Raccoons won't be able to eat your food, but they could puncture your food wrappers if given easy access to the Ratsack. We've done testing with 100 lb dogs and the Ratsack did not fail. We've had Ratsacks in bear country for the last 21 years with no problems when the Ratsack has been hung properly.  When larger critters are in the area, it's best to hang the Ratsack out of reach when possible. With medium-sized critters such as raccoons or ring-tailed cats, make sure that the Ratsack is leashed to a secure anchor such as a tree or rock to prevent the critter from dragging the Ratsack Cache bag off. 


What animals can defeat the Ratsack?

Most rodents and critters up to the size of a bear will be defeated by the Ratsack if the bag is hung properly. If the Ratsack is on the ground, it should be "leashed" to something heavy so that it's not dragged away by the varmint. It may still be mangled by a critter if not hanging, but the food will still be there. Ravens will also work their way into the bag if not properly hung. Ravens are sight-oriented, so place the food in a stuff sack so the birds don't see the food wrappers. The stuff sack will keep the insects further away from the food packaging as well. The Ratsack makes a great covering for the stuff sack full of food.


 Do I have to hang the Ratsack for it to work? There are no trees where I'm going.

When suspended, the Ratsack twists around and the larger critters have a difficult time grabbing it due to the motion. The Ratsack provides effective protection from rodents while lying on the ground, but it provides additional protection if hanging, since the hanging grommet is at one end. If you can't hang the Ratsack, it should be "leashed" to a sturdy or heavy object so that it won't be hauled off. At least place a heavy rock on the thing.


Ravens are visually oriented and the ones at the Canyon recognize food wrappers by sight. If you food is kept is stuff sacks and the stuff sacks with food are placed in the Ratsack you will not have trouble with ravens. If the Ratsack is hanging, then the ravens don't mess with the food at all even when they can see the packaging.   One method to suspend the Ratsack when there are no trees and rodents are your main concern is to utilize a trekking pole or some spare tent poles. 

Where can I buy a Ratsack offline? 

The Ratsack is available from Armored Outdoor Gear.  Ratsacks are also available at retail outlets in Flagstaff and other locations. REI, Amazon, Walmart and other retailers carry Ratsacks.


Who is Armored Outdoor Gear?

Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc. was founded as and still is a family owned, micro-business in Flagstaff Arizona. Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc. was formed in 2002 . We've managed to stay in business, but we've always had to rely on other work to support our families. We are still committed to providing quality equipment at an affordable price. 

We hand-craft all of the Ratsacks here in Flagstaff, Arizona and all of the materials are from USA suppliers.


How can I talk to a live person?

Yes, just give us a call during normal business hours. If you do leave a message, we'll call you back the same day if possible. Our number is 928-526-3411.


Can my group get a discount?

Yes, group discounts are available. You'll need to contact us for pricing. 


Can I sell the Ratsack Cache Bag in my store? 

Yes, Ratsacks can be sold in retail stores. The M.S.R.P. is the price on the website. Please contact us for wholesale pricing and other info.