Camp Flexi-Can

30 Gallon Protective Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh Bag

For use in campgrounds, at the beach, at the lake, in the backcountry or at home

Spring Special!  

INCLUDED with every Ratsack or Camp Flexi-Can purchase is an 80mm 'Biner (not for climbing, silly) and 50 feet of Black 550-7 paracord.

Camp Flexi-Can - 30 gallon stainless steel mesh bag next to Large Ratsack and 32 gallon trash can

Camp Flexi-Can in center of image

For use as a container for Food, Supplies, or Trash

This flexible, 30 gallon, Stainless Steel mesh bag was designed to keep food or trash secure from rodents, raccoons, dogs and other varmints.
Designed with the same materials as the Ratsack Cache Bag, there is over 15yrs of trail testing on the capabilities of the materials and design.
Patent Pending

 Price: $80.00 plus S&H

Includes carry case
 Don't keep stinky trash inside your nice motor home, camper, car or tent. Store trash outside without worrying about it getting blown away by the wind or ripped apart by raccoons, dogs, squirrels, rats, ravens and seagulls
Kaibab Squirrel eating camper's food
Kaibab squirrel eating camper's food
The Camp Flexi-Can works extremely well as a camp garbage container whether you're at the County Campground, the RV Park, car camping, overlanding, boat camping, at the beach, at the dunes or in the backcountry.
30 gallon Camp Flexi-Can on hang-line at Ft Tuthill Fairgrounds, Flagstaff, Arizona
The weather resistant materials are easy to clean and dry quickly.
30 gallon Camp Flexi-Can at Pickin' in the Pines facing trees
pair of 30 gallon Camp Flexi-Cans
Camp Flexi-Can at Ft Tuthill Fairgrounds with tents, bicycle and coleman stove
Kaibab Squirrel on the hunt for camper's food and RVs at Ft Tuthill - Flagstaff, Arizona
Kaibab Squirrel on the hunt for camper's food
30 gallon Camp Flexi-Can with Ratsacks and hat
The Camp Flexi-Can comes with a carrying bag for storage and easy transport



30 gallon capacity

Size: 30" wide by 30" long. 

Fits inside a 32 gallon Rubber maid trash can.

Waterproof and UV resistant materials

Hook and loop closure.

Made of flexible, stainless steel mesh 

Nylon Webbing 

1/2" Brass Grommets provided for hanging, staking to the ground, tying off or use stuff sacks filled with sand or gravel as ballast bags. 

Grommet on bottom of bag provided for attachment to bottom of trash cans, containers or bases.

Carrying/Storage Bag

1yr Warranty on materials and workmanship with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Proper Use:  Please utilize some common sense when using this product.
  • Don't keep the food and/or food trash near your campsite if possible.
  • Empty trash daily and dispose of properly if possible to minimize attracting bears
  • If hanging from a tree, be sure to provide a layer to protect the bark of from damage by the rope or paracord.

30 gallon Camp Flexi-Can in pine tree with hat


Additional Uses

Use the Flexi-Camp Can as outer protection bag

Food protection 
Protect your Nuts and other groceries while camping, at home or on the water. Keep your survival prep foods secure until you need them.  It's great for use at vacation homes, barns and other structures that have food.   Keep your dry pet food safe.
Gear protection

Keep your first aid gear and supplies like a "bug out" bag safe.  Great for keeping vehicle stored supplies safe from rodents.

Wild game protection

Use as a game bag or a fish creel to keep your catch.

Household protection

Use it to protect food, supplies, dry pet food, Blankets, clothing in plastic sealed containers.

Great for use on Boats, in barns, in cabins and other outbuildings

Keep the food and supplies safe from mice, rats and other rodents in seasonally utilized buildings.  If you're gone for extended periods, but want to keep food and supplies safe, then this 30 gallon stainless steel mesh bag is the answer.

Keep pet food, livestock food and supplies from being eaten by hungry rodents.    Great for keeping chicken feed, horse pellets, dog/cat kibble and other livestock food safe from hungry rodents.

Loping Squirrel

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