Hot Lips Face Mask - Kid's Size

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For when you want the best protection.

This mask is made of Halyard H500-600 Sterilization Wrap fabric that is 99% effective at blocking water, particles, and bacteria. It's most commonly used in hospitals to wrap and transport surgical materials during and after sterilization, but is now being repurposed to make masks (started by the University of Florida Health's hospital).

Our mask is triple pleated and has an interior flexible metal nose-framing clip. An elastic band that runs under your chin, behind your ears, and ties behind your head creates a close-fitting seal and allows you to enjoy a comfortable custom fit.

Halyard Sterilization Wrap fabric is the industry standard for sterile processing teams around the world, and the H500 & H600 are their two heaviest grade fabrics, which makes this mask extremely durable. The fabric is tear-, fire-, lint-, and abrasion-resistant.

You can clean and re-sterilize your Hot Lips Face Mask by heating it in a 165 degree oven for 30 minutes (remove elastic first), or by steaming it in a autoclave if you happen to have one. More info can be found here, and below.

These masks are handmade in Flagstaff, AZ. Our workers wear masks and gloves throughout the manufacturing process, and each mask is UV sterilized before shipping. Mailed via FREE First Class Shipping, shipping time is approximately 1 week.


From the University of Tennessee Research Foundation:

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) is a measure of the effectiveness of a material to filter bacteria 3.0 µm in size, whereas filtration efficiency (FE) is a measure of the effectiveness of a material to filter submicron (median diameter of 0.075 µm) particles of NaCl. Medical masks have a BFE of >95–99% and a >78–87% FE. The N95 respirator has an FE of >95% and a BFE of >>99% along with a perfect edge seal and contour structure that conforms the human face, preventing particles from entering between the face and the respirator edge. Medical masks play a critically important role in preventing large-sized saliva droplets, some of which may carry airborne diseases, from entering by direct inertial impaction on the mask surface. However, some particles in aerosol form may enter from gaps between the mask edge and the face without going through the mask body. 
  • [Masks made from H600 fabric] can be treated in hot air at 70°C/160 F for 30 minutes, and this process can be repeated multiple times without a noticeable loss in FE. But be sure to suspend the masks in the hot air without contacting or nearing a metal surface. The respirator can be hung in the oven using a wood or a plastic clip on the edge of a non-breathing zone or put on a wood grill at least 6” away from any metal surface. Hold the edge of non-breathing zone when doffing the mask, and do not touch the inside part of the mask because your hands might become contaminated at this time if the mask was. After donning the masks, wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water for at least 20 seconds according to CDC guidelines.



This mask is optimized for production, developed for a universal adult fit. These materials are just suggestions, as we have only been able to do particulate testing as included. Even so, our testing results are not guaranteed, and this mask pattern is not approved by the FDA or CDC, and these filter options have not been approved for mask making materials. We encourage you to stay curious and only use what you feel comfortable with, and always follow the guidance of the CDC available here.

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