Small Ratsack Cache bag


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Small Ratsack

Volume:  1200 c.i. +/-

Width and Length:  18" x 14"  +/-

Weight:  8 oz  +/-

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Medium Ratsack Cache bag


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Medium Ratsack

Volume:  1800 c.i. +/-

Width and Length:  18" x 19"  +/-

Weight:  10 oz  +/-

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Large Ratsack Cache bag


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Large Ratsack

Volume:  2500 c.i. +/-

Width and Length:  18" x 24"  +/-

Weight:  12 oz  +/-

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Contents and 'biner are not included

The Ratsach Cache Bag

The RATSACK is a rodent proof, protective food cache bag. This food and supply protection bag is made of 0.011 diameter wire, 304 stainless steel knitted mesh that prevents gnawing varmints and other critters from ruining your food, water, medicine, first aid supplies and other gear.  

    The largest gaps are just 5 mm in size. This affords a high level of protection, while maintaining a light weight. The materials in the RATSACK will not rust or breakdown with exposure to the elements.    

The RATSACK Cache Bag prevents rodents, from mice to marmots in size, from ruining your food, water, medicine, first aid supplies and other gear.  

The stainless steel mesh is a woven knit. The result is a flexible material that lays flat when empty and can be rolled up into a cylinder 18" by 2.5" when not in use.   


Large Ratsack (2500ci, 12 ounces +/-) 

That's enough space for 44 12 oz. cans or 24 pouches of 2.5 serving package of freeze dried food. 

Medium Ratsack (1800ci, 10oz +/-)  

The Medium will hold up to 26 12oz cans or 12 packages of 2.5 serving freeze dried meals.

Small Ratsack (1200ci, 8oz +/-) 

The Small will hold 12 12oz cans or 6 packages of 2.5 serving freeze dried meals.

2" Hook and Loop closure: The extra wide closure makes certain that varmits won't be getting into your stuff. It's fast and easy for you to open though. No zippers to break and no cords to tie, the hook and loop closure is simple to operate and very reliable. 

1/2" brass grommet: The grommet is big enough for a climbing carabineer, but smaller keychain 'bineers work too. With the grommet, it's a snap to hang the RATSACK to keep it out of reach of those larger varmits that have an interest in your supplies. The placement of the grommet ensures that the critter trying to get into the RATSACK won't have the ability to force open the hook and loop closure. The Ratsack will just rotate.   

Proper hanging of the Ratsack Cache Bag: The Ratsack Cache Bag should out of reach of the largest campsite site raiders to provide the best protection. The Ratsack Cache Bag should be hanging with enough space surrounding it so that it rotates freely. At least 1 foot of line should be suspending the Ratsack Cache Bag. The Ratsack should hanging out of reach from large limbs and trunks whenever possible.  Items to be protected should be placed in a stuff sack or other container and then be placed in the Ratsack Cache Bag. This will help to keep out insects and birds.  The Ratsack is not bear proof, but neither is your vehicle. The Ratsack Cache Bag should be properly hung out of reach of bears whenever possible. Use of a dry bag or other sealed container inside of the Ratsack helps to control food odors. The more difficult time a bear has in getting to a container, the more likely he'll move on for easier pickings at the next campsite down the trail.   

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History of the Ratsack

The Beginning: 1996

The concept for the Ratsack Cache Bag was created in Flagstaff, Arizona after a 1996 Summer trip down the South Bass Trail of the Grand Canyon. 

The mice at the campsite on the Colorado River are voracious. These rodents defeated the best, lightweight food protection that I was using at the time (food in a stuff sack suspended on a cord with a pie plate over it). 

I decided after the trip that something different was needed for food protection from rodents and other small to medium critters in the Canyon. This applied to all regular campsites everywhere.

The Ratsack Was Born 1996 I had the first stainless steel mesh bag prototype together by September of 1996. Testing began right away (any excuse to get into the Canyon Backcountry) and the results were tremendous. The testing continued and the prototype evolved. 


Some friends from my day job (manufacturing wind turbines) and I got together and came up with manufacturing techniques in 1999. We spent several years coming up with a design that produced a quality product, was inexpensive, easy to manufacture and could be produced in our home town of Flagstaff, Arizona. Testing of the Ratsack Continued. 


In 2002, Armored Outdoor Gear incorporated. By May, the Ratsack Cache Bag was available on the web and in selected stores. 


By 2004, thousands of Ratsack Cache Bags have been sold and the feedback of success stories is tremendous. The Gear Guy at Outside Magazine online, Douglas Gantenbein, liked our product and says some nice things about the Ratsack Cache Bag in his article covering the Outdoor Retailer 2004 Summer Show in Salt Lake City. Backpacker Magazine profiles the Ratsack Cache Bag in the December issue. 

2006 Grand Canyon National Park Recommendation

In the spring 2006, the Backcountry Rangers at the Grand Canyon National Park recommended that the Ratsack Cache Bag be sold where backcountry permits are obtained for use in the Grand Canyon. This decision resulted in the infamous "ammo cans" being removed from the main campsites. 


By 2009, the Ratsack Cache Bag is so well thought of that there's an inferior Ratsack "knock-off" being made. This company has been claiming (incorrectly) that their stainless steel mesh bag is "just as good as a Ratsack". Their endorsement of the quality of the Ratsack Cache Bag is wonderful, as the construction quality of the Ratsack is unequaled. Their sales pitch relies on the reputation of the Ratsack. They've even used Ratsack as one of their "keywords" on their website. Beware of imitations!!! Be safe. Be sure. Buy a Ratsack Cache bag. The Original Stainless Steel Mesh bag   June 2009 Another mention in Backpacker Magazine on how well the Ratsack Cache bag works and the outstanding quality October 2009 The Ratsack is continues to be available on the web, mail-order and at selected retail outlets November 2009 Armored Outdoor Gear is profiled by the Arizona Daily Sun in the business section.  Ratsacks keeping out the pack rats Nov 14, 2009 ... Armored Outdoor Gear of Flagstaff makes the Ratsack food storage bag out of steel mesh      


Liberty Mountain Sports carries the Ratsack,  REI carries the Ratsack


Amazon, Wal-Mart and other fine retailers are carrying the Ratsack Cache Bag.


Armored Outdoor Gear is accepted into the Flagstaff Business Accelerator.

Armored Outdoor Gear introduces  4 new product lines

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Tell Me More - Customer Feedback and Testimonials

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Customer Feedback and Testimonials   

Wow! What fast delivery, got my Ratsack in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks again Annette  

I ordered your large Ratsack in March and received it. What can I say but WOW! Your product is VERY well made.   I was worried about protecting food during my trip. I'm backpacking across the Caribbean Islands and will encounter packs of wild donkeys that go through supplies and have learned to open food containers and lots of monkeys on various islands. Needless to say, food protection was a major concern.    With your Ratsack, those concerns are no more! One less thing to worry about!   Thanks so much for making a quality product.   When (and I'm sure I will have allot of opportunities) I get a pic of a pack of wild donkeys or drunk monkeys (yes, there are drunk monkeys on some of the islands-who knew?) trying their luck at the Ratsack I will send one to you.    Thanks again! Janie in Dallas

I wanted to thank you for arranging delivery of my Ratsack through the Greyhound office in Flagstaff. The pickup worked seamlessly. The Ratsack also performed great. My friend Ludolf and I trekked through the Grand Canyon for seven days and could fit all our food in the sack. It was a bit tight, and at hindsight the largest size would have been even better, but the medium size worked well, nonetheless.  At some point rodents had chewed through Ludolf's backpack's chest strap and compression cords (presumably because they were salty with sweat), but the Ratsack was in perfect condition and did not even show any marks of an attack! The Velcro closure is excellent. Even for a human it takes effort to open it, which is good. I'll make sure to let REI know how much I liked your product.   I am attaching a couple of pictures of the sack in our last campsite at Hance Rapids. In the first shot I included the Colorado river and part of our tent + backcountry permit (attached to tent). The third picture shows Ludolf and me (the scrawny fellow on the left) bringing a toast to the new year at midnight on New Year's Eve 2004 (Dutch time, so 4pm Arizona time).   Regards, Rob   

Thanks so much! That's a really cool bag. I thought it might be heavier than it actually was. Very nice design. I haven't had the time away from the shop to use it. However, I had one of my closing managers take it to Mt. Rogers (A.T.) with her over Thanksgiving. She said it worked critters! I've showed it to our buyer and I think they'll be coming in with the spring buy. I'm really excited to have this option available for our customers.  I lost one day's meals and some GORP to some small animals on my last trip in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area (Pisgah National Forest). Of course, the mice at the AT shelters are always a concern for our customers. Thanks again. Travis    

The REI clinic was well attended with about 25 participants plus a couple of REI staff. I showed your Ratsack along with my other equipment & handed out your material. I got good a response re use & function. One participant told of a hike into the Canyon from the Havasupai reservation. They had to take turns staying awake each night guarding their food from the ring tails. You already know this but it was good to hear how your sack would have allowed them to sleep with out concern.  For Ultra light packing, especially out East where mice are the main problem, the 1200ci is a bit heavy. Please let me know when you have a light weight model.  Let me know if want me to return the sample.  Happy hiking & happy holidays, Krispy Kreme (Jeffrey) 

My son, one of his friends, and myself lost a whole day's worth of food to mice our first night in the Uintas mountains in NE Utah. Usually we were concerned about bears. On our Grand Canyon trek we used Tupperware -- good but heavy. These look great! Thanks! Neal   I received the Ratsack the end of the week it is of the size that I like most of my backpacking trips are 4-5 days with only one other guy. I am vary impressed with the construction. I do not have any trips planed till the end of Aug. but it will go with me then. I plan to do a 5 day rim to rim to rim then. I did put a quick review on azwilderness.  Thanks much, Doug 

I received the 19 Ratsacks.   I am including a couple of pics as to how we are using your sacks. They fit perfect for our needs Regards, Bob Blue Hawaiian Helicopters     

Hi, I got the med sack I ordered today And the large one you sent last week. Who knows what happened to the first one. Thanks a bunch for sending the extra sack you went above and beyond what most would have done, Ill let you know how the sacks work out for me, We have possums, raccoons and mice here in the Shawnee forest in Illinois but this summer ill be going to the Wind river range in WY, so.... Thanks again Mike from Eldorado Illinois. 

Thank you for your consideration! I figured you were probably enjoying the holidays. The hikers in my family were thrilled with their Ratsacks. When ordering other equipment we will keep your company in mind and I will certainly recommend you to others. Darlene 

Thanks! My Ratsack arrived today. Can't wait to try it out. Polly 

Jim, I'm impressed with the Ratsack. It looks stout enough to discourage most mammals without opposing thumbs. I realize the Ratsack I received is going to be too big for my needs. May I return it for a small one? If I mail it back to you and you send me a small, should we call it even on the postage/price difference as the sizing pick was my error? Please let me know. Sincerely, Robert.   I think the Ratsack will do very well on river trips. I plan on taking it with me on a trip in late September/early October. I'll do a little write-up in the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association magazine called the Waiting List. Then I'll put one on our silent auction next spring. Nancy  GCPBA auction coordinator and private boater 

Hi Jim, I received your messages and I appreciate your prompt response and your offer of wholesale pricing. I will be filling out a purchasing form tomorrow which will initiate the procurement system from within the park.  We have a severe ringtail cat problem in an area of the park in which I spend a lot of time and take many workgroups to. I look forward to not having my food eaten (well, except by me). And if we like the way these work, may end up purchasing several more. Thanks for your help on this (and for making a great product!) Ariel Restoration Technician RM & R, Zion NP 

Thank you so much for sending a replacement Rat Sack, even before I could get around to talking to you about it. I had squeezed the 20 lb. sack into a horizontal ledge, maybe 3 feet back. Something, I suppose a raven, pulled it off the ledge and down onto the ground. We were gone about 6 hours. Could have been a ringtail cat, but we saw a raven in the area and no cats. I thought it would be out of sight, but silly me. I will send the old one back as soon as I can. I still think your product is a good one, but the user still has to take as many precautions as possible. Take care.

   Thanks, I'm pumped about your product. A few months ago on the Tonto Trail, mice chewed a hole in one of my Nalgene Canteens and cost me a gallon of water. I'm counting on you guys! I've used metal tins a couple of times -- the kind of tins that fruitcakes and holiday cookies come in. They work, but they're bulky and impractical. That's why the Ratsack sounds so good.   I got the Ratsack today. Looks like it should work great. Thanks for the Canyon info. Duane 

Hi there, I am going to mention your product (I have one and love it by the way) in all of our non-corridor equipment lists- such as the one attached. Hope this is OK?  What would you say about a "endorsed by the Grand Canyon Field Institute" line on your website linking to ours?  Thanks Jack Pennington Assistant to the Director GCFI 

Your service as well as your product design and quality are exceptional. These Ratsacks will go toward supporting myself and my annual trekking companion on a 200+ mile trek in South-central Utah this summer. You may know the (wonderful) feeling of arriving at a cache, in the middle of nowhere, at day's end, knowing itâ's been secure the whole time. All the best, Bill   

Thanks for the note. I'm waiting for a 4 day pass for either Utah Flats or Tanner in March. I plan to use the Bags then as well as in June on another hike in the Canyon. I've heard great things about the Bags on the GCH web gossip page so thought I'd give it a try. I'll let you know on my return. Cheers and good hiking Stephen 

Jim,  thank you for your superior service, products and commitment to people in the outdoor world. I'm grateful for everything you've done and the trust that you have in people. You also helped out my friend Steve who was on this same Grand Canyon trip with me. Actually all five of us had Ratsacks and with only one exception they performed flawlessly. Dave's sack got ambushed we think by a raven. Even so the hungry critter was only able to get a two inch hole in the sack which limited the amount of food he was able to scavenge. I'm attaching a couple of photos. I hope you enjoy them and the next time I'm heading to Sedona, I'll look you up in Flagstaff. I'd love to meet you and buy you a coffee or something. Cheers Doug          Thanks for the generous offer to meet me in town. I just found out my hiking partner does indeed have the medium and large Ratsack however I most likely will be stopping in Flag to pick up one for myself for the future. I’ve heard good things about your product.  Take care, Anna    Thanks the order arrived in the mail today. This is our second Ratsack. My son and I will use them on a Boy Scout trip to the AT.  Fast shipping. Great service. Mike (Trail Otter)   Got them! Thanks. I'll try to remember to get some images to send you and any comments as well. So far the only one I've had is that they're great. Thanks, Pete 

I just got your package with the two Rat Sacks. I’m very impressed with how “soft” and pliable the wire mesh is and can understand now how easily food items will fit in. Denise   The bag arrived a couple of days ago and looks great. We will test it against the rodents of the Grand Canyon in a couple of weeks. Thanks.   Glenn   Greetings,  Wanted to let you know I just got back from a most glorious backpack on the North Rim. We did the Bill Hall/Thunder River/Tapeats/Deer loop with a side show over to Stone canyon. The large cache bag I purchased was worth its weight in gold. Excellent product !! Nothing was bothered AT ALL and I heard that is one of the worst areas for rodent's being bad. I'm really happy with the cache bag indeed. best regards, Lawrence 

I have waited some time before ordering this but figured my 50th birthday was a good excuse. You have no idea how important this is going to be in the Grand Canyon. The rats and squirrels there are aggressive. I was carrying my food around in biscuit tins. Claire   

Hello,   I do most of my backpacking in the Adirondacks in New York State. Over  the last few years, pine martens, which used to be very shy around here,  have become a major camp pest. This winter I've taken to carrying my  Bearvault, not for hibernating bears, but good sized pine martens got  into 2 well hung food bags last winter.   When I spoke with the Ursack people last year they told me pine marten's  teeth are like needles and even they wouldn't promise their product  would keep them out./ /Can you be specific on pine martens with respect  to your product?   Hoping you say "ok" so I can knock a couple quick pounds off my pack weight.   Thanks,   John Farmington , NY   p.s. got your website off a link from Dan McHale's

Hi John,   The Ratsack is made from stainless steel mesh and has openings about 1/8 inch.   The pine martins teeth would go through the openings, but they would not be able to rip open the Ratsack.   The Ratsack works well as food protection from raccoons and ring-tailed cats. It should work well against the pine martins. They won't be able to carry off the food or eat much of it. They could pierce plastic packaging on the food however.   The Ratsack is more effective if hung properly. The Ratsack will twist around the suspension line when critters are hanging on the bag. The motion generally discourages the critter.   We recommend that stuff sacks be used to contain food and other supplies inside the Ratsack. It visually disguises plastic packaging and provides organization for supplies.    If you don't like the Ratsack for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.       

Ratsack   I have been backpacking for almost 35 years and have tried many types of packs, bags and tents. And have slept on the ground many times but the last ten years with the ageing process creeping up on me, I have been trying to improve my existence on the trail, with better and lighter gear as well as to improve my wardrobe, from denim & cotton to the high tech Mountain hardware wicked shirts, ex officio convertible pants, sierra design rain gear and Columbia shoes and pants, as well, as lite weight tents, bags, and packs. As to sleeping on the ground? Yes, I added sleeping pads. I went from a .75" to a 1" and my latest the Thera-rest luxury camp full length 2" pad.   What I'm getting at is, with age and experience come wisdom and a challenge to try new things and with the kids out of school more money in my pocket to spend on my favorite hobbies.   Now, to the RATSACK, for years I have encountered problems with rodent's and pesky Varmints in the wilderness from Alaska to British Columbia, South Dakota to Colorado, New Mexico to the Appalachian mountains and down to the lowlands of Florida, I have encountered Coons, Opossums, marmots, armadillos, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Skunks, Bears, Bobcats and the list goes on.  Some would bother my food stash and some don't. Twenty years ago we just left the food in our packs & let them have at it, the contents that is. Then I started hanging my pack and trying different types & styles of hanging my food items such as pulling the line through a hole in a large tuna can then melting candle wax around the hole, then added water to the tuna can, this worked but, time consuming.   A couple of years ago while on a 5 day 4 night trip, and on the 1st night the rats got into my food stash hanging on the bear cables and consumed much of my delectable treats, even though I had taken measures to prevent the above attack. I decided to try something different the next trip. I took an oval cookie tin 10"x16â" that my wife had bought around Christmas time filled with cookies and placed all my food items in the cookie tin and hung it from the trees. This planned worked great no problems with any varmints, the con was the room and bulkiness this tin added to my pack. Now it was time for plan B.   I began to search for an alternative and I came across armored outdoor gear’s the Ratsack thru a post on a backpacker forum. I thought that this might be something I should try out. I accepted delivery of the RATSACK on June 25, 2004 and opened the box and pulled out the Ratsack, at first I was a little apprehensive and skeptical on the practical use of this huge wire mesh bag, and how can this help me on the trail? Is this too big for me to take along on a 5 day or 10 day trip? Will this bag cause abrasion to my pack and possibly the contents therein? All my thoughts turned to the negative side of the spectrum. But, decided what the heck I will give it a try anyhow. First, where do I put this thing in my pack? So I took the rolled up 2"x18" Ratsack and folded it three times which was now the size of my fist, then placed it in one of my front  Compartments of my pack. My first night in camp consisted of setting around the fire and doing a few camp chores then, I started working on putting my food items away for the night, so I got out the RATSACK and put my large stash of food in the sack. I still had plenty of room left so I put in my cooking pots and utensils & my personal hygiene items and their still was more room so I added my 6oz of assorted pipe tabakee and my box of Macanudo cigars. Now, that will do then I sealed the bag, then I went over to the bear cables and inserted the J hanger thru the the brass grommet & hoisted the bag high in the air.  This was the 1st try on the 1st night. The next morning I reversed the process, and said to myself, easy I could get use to this, no problem so far.  2nd, 3rd 4th night still no problem. then something happened on the 6th day my truck had not been relocated to where I was hoping it would be through a miscommunication on my part, Now, this added an unexpected two days and one night to my trip so I decided to ditch my pack and go minimalist and cut my pack weight from 65lbs down to 20lbs that way I could move a lot faster, then I could continue on with the rest of my planned trip.     Since I have not seen any signs of disturbance of the Ratsack hanging from the bear cables for the past 5 nights. I thought I would give it a test. I put all the food, tooth paste and every thing with a smell in the Ratsack, except my cigars & pipe tabakee& a few snacks to take along the rest of hike, and tied it to a tree about 50 feet off the trail with the sack hanging about 5” off the ground. I then headed up the trail and ditched my pack about 30 feet off the trail and covered it with brush. Then took off for my truck two days hike away. When I returned two days later I went to my pack first, its was undisturbed so I took it back to my truck then proceeded to the Ratsack to see if any damage was done in my absence, as I approached I could see that the leaves had been messed up all around the tree. But, I could not see the Ratsack, were was it? I walked around the tree and there it was on the north side of the tree. The RATSACK had been attacked, but by what? And what about the contents? Upon further inspection all the contents was still there and in good condition, so the Ratsack had done its job. It protected what it was supposed to protect. Next, what did this? I know it wasn’t a bear because their would have been much more damage in the area, could it have been a large rodent or multiple rodents, there were scratch marks all over the bottom of the tree and scrapping all on the ground in the area, maybe I should have left my Video camera on pointed at the Ratsack.   I try to comply with the lightweight backpacking methodology, but, I also believe in the enjoyment that I can attain out in the backcountry and if it means for me to carry an extra 10 oz on the trail for the preservation of my life sustaining food then so be it.   Would I take the Ratsack on my next backpacking trip? Most definitely, I plan to take it on my trip in October & November.   How well did it work on my last trip? Only thing I can say is "OUTSTANDING".   Did the Ratsack cause any abrasive damage to my pack or contents? No, the sack worked in just fine in the front compartment of my pack I have since purchased a very small stuff sack for the Ratsack which will hook on the outside of my pack with a D ring.   Was the sack easy to use and durable? Yes, very simple set up and breakdown and with the constant use that I will be giving the Ratsack. I think it will last for the rest of my Backpacking days. Which I hope is a very long time.   Is the Ratsack just right for me? Yes and NO. On the long solo trips or shorter ones with several hiking partners it would work out just right. But, on short trips the current size is way to large for me to use on the trail, I would like to see a smaller version that I could use for the shorter trips, Maybe about 1/3 to 1/2 the current size.   Author: Mike Wright A.K.A. CHIEF A.K.A. LaBECK  


How do I know what size to order? The bags are individually made from a flexible steel mesh and the actual size will vary a bit.

In general, the interior volume of the bags can be approximated by equating the cubic centimeters to gallons. If you can fit your items in this size plastic bag, then it'll fit in in the corresponding Ratsack size. 

When sizing, don't forget to allow the plastic bag to close at the top. 

The small works great for a couple of people over a weekend and the large is great for long trips or groups.

The Ratsack can just be used for protection at camp or cached for a while .

Small Ratsack: about 1200ci - approximately 5 gallons

Medium Ratsack: about 1800ci - approximately 7.5 gallons

Large Ratsack: about 2500ci - approximately 10.5 gallons.

In other words, if you place a plastic bag inside of a small Ratsack it will hold about 5 gallons of water. The medium would hold about 7.5 gallons and the large about 10.5 gallons 

Do I have to pay with a credit card over the internet? No, you can send a check or give us a call and we'll work something out. You can also visit one of our fine retailers such as REI, Amazon, Walmart, other outdoor gear stores and purchase from them.

Will the Ratsack protect food from raccoons, ring-tailed cats and other similar sized critters? Yes, the Ratsack will protect your food and supplies from raccoons. Raccoons won't be able to eat your food, but they could puncture your food wrappers if given easy access to the Ratsack. We've done testing with 100 lb dogs and the Ratsack did not fail. We've had Ratsacks in bear country for the last 21 years with no problems when the Ratsack has been hung properly.  When larger critters are in the area, it's best to hang the Ratsack out of reach when possible. With medium sized critters such as raccoons or ring-tailed cats, make sure that the Ratsack is leashed to a secure anchor such as a tree or rock to prevent the critter from dragging the Ratsack Cache bag off. 

What animals can defeat the Ratsack? Most critters and varmints up to the size of a bear will be defeated by the Ratsack if the bag is hung properly. If the Ratsack is on the ground, it should be "leashed" to something heavy so that it's not dragged away by the varmint. It may still be mangled by a critter if not hanging, but the food will still be there. Ravens will also work their way into the bag if not properly hung. Ravens are sight oriented, so place the food in a stuff sack so the birds don't see the food wrappers. The stuff sack will keep the insects further away from the food packaging as well. The Ratsack makes a great covering for the stuff sack full of food. 

Do I have to hang the Ratsack for it to work? There are no trees where I'm going. When suspended, the Ratsack twists around and the larger critters have a difficult time due to the motion. The Ratsack provides effective protection from rodents laying on the ground. It provides additional protection if hanging, since the hanging grommet is at one end.  If you can't hang the Ratsack, it should be "leashed" to a sturdy or heavy object so that it won't be hauled off. At least place a heavy rock on the thing.

Ravens are visually oriented and the ones at the Canyon recognize food wrappers by sight. If you food is kept is stuff sacks and the stuff sacks with food are placed in the Ratsack you will not have trouble with ravens. If the Ratsack is hanging, then the ravens don't mess with the food at all even when they can see the packaging.   One method to suspend the Ratsack when there are no trees and rodents are your main concern is to utilize a trekking pole or some spare tent poles. 

Where can I buy a Ratsack? The Ratsack is available from Armored Outdoor Gear.  Ratsacks are also available at retail outlets in Flagstaff and other locations.   REI, Amazon, Walmart and other retailers

How can I talk to a live person?

Yes, just give us a call during normal business hours. If you do leave a message, we'll call you  back the same day if possible.

Who is Armored Outdoor Gear ? Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc. was founded as and still is a family owned, micro-business in Flagstaff Arizona. Armored Outdoor Gear, Inc. was formed in 2002 . We've managed to stay in business, but we've always had to rely on other work to support our families. We are still committed to providing quality equipment at an affordable price. 

We hand-craft all of the Ratsacks here in Flagstaff, Arizona and all of the materials are from USA suppliers.

   What is a Ratsack Cache Bag?

The Ratsack is a stainless steel bag made of stainless steel mesh. It's used to protect food, gear and supplies from varmints and critters while in the backcountry . It's not bear-proof, but will work in bear country if properly hung out of reach.

When and how will my order ship? Armored Outdoor Gear typically will ship within a day or so of your order. Ratsacks are generally in stock and can ship out right away. Your order will ship out via U.S. Priority Mail and should arrive in about 3-4 business days. If you order through PayPal, you'll get the tracking number for your shipment via email. If you have special needs, please contact us. 

Can my group get a discount?

Yes, group discounts are available. You'll need to contact us for pricing. 

Can I buy wholesale? 

Yes, the Ratsack Cache bag is available at wholesale. You need to have a business to purchase wholesale. Please contact us for wholesale pricing.

Can I sell the Ratsack Cache Bag in my store? Yes, Ratsacks can be sold in retail stores. The M.S.R.P. is the price on the website. Please contact us for wholesale pricing and other info. 


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