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Hello from the Folks at Armored Outdoor Gear home of the Ratsack.

Flagstaff is clear, crisp and very cold so we are enjoying cozy warm days inside the shop.

Are you heading out to enjoy any warm weather adventures this holiday season? If you are, don't forget to stop by our store and pick up a Ratsack and take advantage of the sale.  


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Black Friday — Cyber Monday Sale

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Small (about 1200cc):     SALE PRICE - $32.99    MSRP: $35.99

Medium (about 1800cc):  SALE PRICE - $38.99    MSRP:  $41.99

Large (about 2400cc):      SALE PRICE - $43.99    MSRP:  $46.99



Experience the Clear View

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Armored Outdoor Gear products for secure venues, public places, schools, music festivals, concerts, travel and more.

 The Crowd Pleaser tote and the Knapsack sackpack