Our RatSack food and gear cache bag is handmade in our manufacturing facility in Flagstaff, Arizona. We believe in our product so much, we back each purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to support American manufacturing and ingenuity, keeping wildlife wild, and superior backcountry food protection, we're the company for you. 
The RatSack Cache Bag's innovative use of knitted stainless steel mesh provides superior protection for your food and gear by presenting critters with an unchewable barrier, which is also knit small enough to prevent accessibility by any other means. The hook-and-loop closure at the top of the bag takes some elbow grease to pry open, even for humans - animals don't stand a chance. And the 1/2" grommet allows the RatSack to twist and swing when hung, making it a moving target for any hungry creatures.  
If hung properly, out of a bear's reach, the RatSack Cache Bag is very effective as a bear bag. 
When hung properly, the RatSack is a raven proof bag. The twisting and swinging of the bag makes it difficult to get a hold of, and knit of the mesh is too small to be effectively infiltrated by ravens' beaks. Ravens are very intelligent and visually oriented - for double food protection, we suggest putting your food inside stuff sacks and then putting the sacks inside your RatSack cache bag.
You can use a length of rope to hang your RatSack food cache bag over a tree branch, or you can use a carabiner to clip your RatSack to a line tied between two trees. The RatSack twists and rotates when hung, which makes it difficult for larger critters to get a hold of it.
The RatSack works best when hung. If you can't hang it, we suggest putting your food in a stuff sack within the RatSack, and/or tying the RatSack to a heavy object to keep animals from dragging it away.
You betcha! The RatSack works well to keep things organized outdoors: everyone puts their food and toiletries in their own stuff sack, all of those sacks are secured within the RatSack, and come dinnertime getting your food is as easy as pulling out your bag. No need to dig through a 41 liter bag to find each freeze dried meal and nut butter packet of yours amidst a sea of other foods! 
It certainly will. Designed to fit in a standard 32 gallon trash can, the Camp Flexi-Can is an excellent rodent proof garbage bag. Whether they're trying to gnaw their way in from underground or from on top of the lid, the Camp Flexi-Can is there to disappoint any hungry hopeful critters. 

We build our RatSack cache bags tough to protect your food for years and years of outdoor adventures. They won't rip like plastic grocery or garbage bags, so they're ideal for picking up or packing out trash, all while keeping more plastic bags out of the waste stream.

Over the years, folks have found many uses for our RatSacks: to protect their motorcycle helmet and boots from nibbling mice who were after the salt in their dried sweat; as drag bags to keep their beverages of choice cool while fishing or floating downstream; to protect food and trash from swarming seagulls on the beach; for scrubbing their camping pots clean; to sift through dirt to find lost objects; to collect seashells while beachcombing; as an ideal and sustainable way to pack in food and pack out trash when camping; and as a way to protect food from mice in stores, homes, and RVs.  
We're so glad you asked! The RatSack Cache Bag is officially endorsed by the Grand Canyon Conservancy, and is unofficially endorsed by the hundreds of professional guides and rangers who since 2002 have trusted our rodent proof bag to protect their food and gear in the wilderness.
Grand Canyon Conservancy Endorses the RatSack Food Cache Bag
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Frankly we've never had to come up with a return policy, because in 20 years of business only a handfull people have asked to have their bags replaced. But if you really want one, here goes:
We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on each of our products, as well as 100% guaranteed protection from rodents and other varmints when used properly. (up to $100, when the RatSack is used properly). Additionally, every RatSack Cache Bag is fully guaranteed for materials and construction up to 1 year after purchase. 
If you purchased a size that will not work for you or you over purchase (purchased to many Ratsacks) you can return it and we will refund you for the purchase minus a 20% restocking fee. You pay for return shipping.
If you happen to have a problem with one of our RatSacks, call or email us and we'll be more than happy to help you.
Yes! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a call at 928-380-2882. We're there from 9-5 MT, Monday through Friday, and we'd be happy to hear from you.
You're welcome to send us an email at store@armoredoutdoorgear.com.