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Never suffer a ransacked campsite, holes chewed in your tent, or trash scattered everywhere again.



Always have a cold one ready whether you're in the lake or by a stream.



Sick of smelly trash filling up your RV but can't put it outside because of campsite dogs or wild critters? We've got you covered.



Protect your supplies, and don't let scavengers eat your hard-earned game meet before you can. 


Protect your food and gear, anywhere


Sustainable Protection, Innovated in the USA

Armored Outdoor Gear makes products that help you to Adventure Smarter. We use our years of experience with outdoor recreation and small-scale manufacturing to create durable bags that can protect your food, gear, catch, kill, or collection - wherever you are. We have proudly hand-crafted our products in Flagstaff, Arizona since 2002.

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Products Patent protected. US 10,893,734 B1 and US 11,723,446,B1

Ratsack®is a registered trademark of Armored Outdoor Gear

How Does It Work?

Each RatSack® Cache Bag is made of knitted stainless steel mesh that won't rust or break down. It has a tenacious 2" wide hook-and-loop closure at the top to keep your contents secure. And with a grommet for easy and dynamic hanging, this resilient rodent proof bag provides you with top-notch critter defense.  

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Who Uses It?

Backpackers | Group Campers | Through-Hikers

Beach Snackers | Hunters | Homeowners   

Picnic in the Park-ers | Chill the Beer in the Stream-ers

Clean Up the Trail-ers

Who's Mad About How Well It Works?

Mice | Squirrels | Seagulls | Dogs | Chipmunks | Raccoons | Ravens  

And of course, Rats

Who's Happy About How Well It Works?

My campground neighbors lost their food to vermin, but none of mine was touched at all, thanks to this sack. I will never camp without it again! It is worth its weight in your pack for sure!


We'll always use a Ratsack in the future when out in the backcountry.


I purchased this for a back country trip. The medium was large enough to hold four days worth of food for two people. Was easy to hang off a tree and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a product like this.


Very happy, others in our party were raided by squirrels but not us! Durable and no worries leaving our camp site.


No critters were able to get our food with this awesome bag. Combined with the odor-proof bags this is a must have in the back country.

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